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About Faculty

The Faculty of Management is a structural department of the Southern Federal University. The faculty was founded in 2014.

Dean Faculty of Management

Dmitry Aleksandrovich Shevchenko

Degree: Candidate of Sciences

Associate Professor

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Bachelor Educational Programs

Management (38.03.02)

Number of credits

Degree awarded

Bachelor Degree


The aim of Bachelor educational program, the direction of training 38.03.02 "Management" is the training of highly qualified specialists in the field of management, able to carry out successfully the development and implementation of strategies and projects at various levels, run business independently developing and implementing business plans for the creation of new business.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful development of the program, students will be able to:

- to participate in the implementation of strategies for the organization and management of complex operational activities;

- to participate in the administration and management of business processes in organizations, in the implementation of projects;

- to participate in the settlement of conflicts in the organizational unit level and working groups, motivate and stimulate the division employees or members of the working group;

- to collect and collate information on factors of external and internal environment of the organization for management decisions;

- to support the information system functioning of the organization and internal document management system, database maintenance of various indicators of the organizations’ functioning;

- to implement business plans while creating a new business, to organize and run business.

Master Educational Programs

Management (38.04.02)

Strategic management


International management

State and municipal management (38.04.04)

State and municipal management: economic-legal technologies

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